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Our numbers

  • 30.000.000 users per year
  • 200.000 Accommodations
  • 15.000 reviewed destinations
  • 650.000 registered users
  • Thousands videos
  • 40.000 Photos

Editorial notes

PaesiOnLine is a web reality with a strong editorial vocation focused on tourist information.   
Qualified journalists, editors and web editors who share a passion for travel and the eagerness to tell, carry out an intense and accurate research work for the purpose of offering original and reliable tourism contents. Commitment and dedication are at the basis of the philosophy of our company, which has set its principal objective in the presentation of continuously updated travel news and information, enriched with photographic and video material.
Though the editorial staff works constantly at double checking and updating information, especially that which is more susceptible to frequent and unforeseeable variation, we invite our readers to report any eventual anomalies or inaccuracies detected in this information as well as to check that this information is up-to-date before leaving on their travels. We are therefore not held responsible for any unpleasant or damaging situation deriving from the use of the information published on the website.


PaesiOnLine wishes to thank the institutions, National and International, public and private, who are our main source of information for our work in research, analysis, examination and data updating. And in particular: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry for Heritage and Cultural Activities, the Ministry of the Environment, the Italian National Tourism Agency, the Automobile Club of Italy, the Italian Federation of National Parks, UNESCO and the Central Intelligence Agency